Massaging the Non-ridden Horse

A different kind of Equestrian sport

Not all horses and ponies can or want to be ridden and sadly, it is this group of Equines that are at a higher risk of neglect, abandonment and inadequate care. 
Wether due to old age, injury or simply a personal choice of horse or human, there comes a time in many horse's lives when they can no longer fulfil the ridden requirements that they once did. As a result, many a loyal companion gets either sold on, euthanised or neglected. 
Furthermore, those that keep and continue to care for their beloved non-ridden friend in the manner to which they are accustomed are often isolated, judged and criticised for doing so by people who regard a retired horse as a lower class equine. 
This way of thinking is abhorrent and detrimental to horse welfare. The stigma surrounding non-ridden Equines as pasture pets or companions must be quelled as the elderly back yard Cob is just as important as the Olympic eventer. 
All horses are sentient beings and deserve the patience, loyalty and care that they have shown us for their entire lives. 
Non-ridden Equines benefit just as much from Massage Therapy. As horses age, joints become less lubricated, muscles lose their suppleness and coordination isn't what it once was. The injured horse develops compensatory stress points in the wake of the injury, confidence dips as they become more aware of their limits and extra care is required to keep the horse comfortable. And for those not ridden due to the personal choice of the owner, the horse will benefit from the closeness that Massage brings, the human companionship and the revitalisation it instills both physically and psychologically. 
In an attempt to raise awareness of the plight of many non-ridden Equine's, I offer a £10 discount on treatments for non-ridden as a hopeful reminder that every single horse and pony will benefit from Massage Treatment. 
Visit The Non Ridden Equine Association's UK website for more details.